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Enjoy holidays with easy lunch ideas for guests

The weekend holiday can never be left with zero entertainment. Friends and family go tired over the weekend. And on upcoming Sunday, we all would meet together to make a heaven that would last for years. Easy launch ideas for guests can be an ideal plan to make the party enjoyable. After a heavy lunch, a sit back relax not bad when to have seeps after seeps of wine to fly in an earthly dream.


This is possible when all my friends nodded to have party that makes me mad to be happened on that very fixed date of Sunday. I travel online and get frequent stopovers time to time for delicious food items suit for a decent lunch. At last, I laugh at the recipes are stunning to fascinate my guests. I take these recipes and share one of them in details here.

lunch ideas for guests

Mash-topped beef and Guinness pie

The lunch idea does not take just for fashion when the food value is main concern of the party. It is really rich that keeps your health in mind. So, the truly saying that, it is perfect for a special lunch for your closed ones.



Two cloves of white garlic, 2 pieces of medium onions, 2 carrots, 2 fresh and green bay leaves, 2 stalks of celery, 1/ bunch of thyme, olive oil, 600 ml Guinness, 500g stewing fresh beef, 3 tablespoon flour, 450g potatoes, 2 teaspoons brown sugar, 75ml milk and 1 tablespoon butter.



You have just got started for the lunch for your loved guests to have them in full appetite. Now, let’s go with the ingredients to peel and chop in some pieces with a knife to have spicy smell to expose all ingredients together. Get tied the bay leaves and the thyme bunch together in touch for next step in cooking.


Of course, a medium heat is required for your casserole pan when you put 2 tablespoons of olive oil in turn. Next for vegetables, herbs and toss everything in oil to mix well. Notice your pan is buzzing with stuff raining into the pan.


See, the heating is going its way. Cover the pan and after 10 minutes, stir all the vegetables every after sometimes until a softening condition of vegetables. When you see all the vegetables are done then put them away in another small bowl.


The step is with beef and flour to mix. The color will be as nice as you think to taste it instantly before cooking. The spicy smell you get is really mouth watering with color it shows. So, put it into your pan and go with the heat until a brown color to make your guests mad with the magical touch of recipe.


In this step, you remove the burnt meat and add boiled vegetables and herbs. The smoked deglazed needs water and cover to cook a bit if needed. However, to get the meat and vegetables tender, some sugars to stir and cook it for an hour. It gives a dense liquid bubbling when to cook in a smooth heating the pan on the oven.


The potatoes to boil need a large pan and salted water. When the potatoes are too softened to pound, mash them with milk, pinch, butter, sea salt and black pepper. The mixture you have altogether smells a beautiful flower that you enjoy the taste before finishing it finally. It is really awesome to work with.


We are at the last and final stage of cooking. And within a few minute we will have expected dish to serve our guests in time. So, put the done-meat in an ovenproof dish. In order to cover the stuff with mash in pan, top the mash over and drizzle the olive oil on it. Keep your oven in lower medium heat and bake it for about 20 minutes to get it golden in color or crisping up the materials in pan.

Enjoy holidays with easy lunch ideas

In response to a health fitness the above lunch, keeps a standard amount of food value as calorie 530, fat 19g, saturates 6.50g, protein 35g, crabs 49g sugars 15g, salt 0.9g and fiber 6g. We notice, all the items come to have a presentation for guests with some important food values that are healthful. Therefore, you can definitely adopt the recipe to get satisfied your guests in order to have enjoyable holiday in mind.


However, there are many easy lunch ideas for guests. That I detailed here is just an idea and can get more recipes to meet your party online. For your searching easiness, I am going through some of them that you can place any of them in turns. They are- spring chicken pie, roast chicken with potatoes and carrot, spring chicken and citrus stew, ham and peas, braised veal etc.

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