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Induction Cooktop: How does induction stove work

From ancient times, cooking has played an important role our life. Basically, cooking is done to kill the bacteria and improve the taste of the food. As the technology advances, the cooking technologies have significantly improved.

Recently, the introduction of induction cooking has notably improved the efficiency of cooking. Induction stove cooks food quickly and safely using less energy. Unlike microwaves, most people do not have the idea about induction cookers. Let’s take a look at how induction stoves work.

how induction stove works

How does Induction Stove work?

The induction stove has a ceramic plate that has electromagnetic coil beneath it. When the stove is turned on, an electric current is created by the coil. This current generates a fluctuating magnetic field on the coil. Interestingly, no heat is generated on the stove itself. In this case, the heat is created on the pan rather than cooking pan. The magnetic field on the coil induces an electric current in the pan.

For the induction stove to work, the cooking pan should be made of iron or stainless steel. Iron is a poor conductor when it comes to conduction of electricity. Therefore, the currents from the magnetic field run through the iron pan. In this case, much of energy from this current is converted to heat.​

For induction stoves, the heat comes from pan but not the stove itself. In this case, the induction cooking is more efficient when compared to conventional stoves. A pot of water placed in the induction stoves comes to the boiling point in about half time of the regular stove.​

You can watch this funny experiment on induction cooktop.....

Advantages of induction stoves

Nowadays, the induction cook stoves have gained popularity. Here are the reasons why cook stoves have become popular in most kitchens.​

Higher efficiency

Unlike traditional stoves, minimal heat is lost since the generated on the cooking pan itself. In this case, the induction stoves are more efficient because much of the energy goes into the food. Typically, the efficiency of these stoves is 84 percent compared to 71 percent for a standard cook stove. Moreover, the induction stoves get hotter quickly hence faster cooking. Usually, the induction cookers are up to 50 percent faster than conventional cooking methods.​

Easy to clean

Unlike conventional cookers, induction stoves have the glass or ceramic cooktops. In this case, it is much easier to remove the dirt on the stoves. You can clean the stove with a quick wipe. Moreover, the risk of burning your food is reduced that makes it easier to clean your cookware afterward.​


The induction stoves are safer since there is no open flame. In this case, the heat is produced when the cooking plan is set up in place. Moreover, the stove includes electronic controls that detect any problem and automatically cuts off the power supply.​

Disadvantages of the induction stove

The major drawback of the induction stove is that it works only on pans containing iron. Aluminum, glass, copper cookware do not work with induction stoves. Therefore, this become challenging if you have existing non-compatible cookware that you are not ready to replace. Another issue is that induction stove produces radio-frequency that may pose some risks to people wearing heart peacemakers.​

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