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7 Top Instagram Food Photography Tips for Bloggers

When taking Instagram pictures for your food blog here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

food photography tips

Avoid Overcrowding The Shot

Avoid trying to capture as much as you can in one image, particularly when it will later be cropped in order to upload to Instagram. Instead focus on one key area like the pink and juicy center of a steak or the shine of a raw egg yolk. However, avoid taking the shot too close that the viewers will not be able to know what the image is.


Lighting Is Important

If you use your flash in a dim setting, it will drain the food of color and its defining features. Taking shots of food on a plate looks far better in a natural light. However, when there is no available sunlight makes sure you attempt to make use of the light that is available to the best of your ability.


Keep Your Hand Steady

You should tuck in your elbows to your sides in order to ensure your camera is as stable and steady as possible in order to avoid blurring. A feature such as Optical Image Stabilization on the Smartphone’s such as the LG G5, HTC 10 and the iPhone 6s Plus assists in decreasing blurring.


Move Props Around

Many people make the mistake of ruining a great shot when they fail to think about the backdrop. Make sure the plate of food is the center-stage of the shot and remove napkins, menus or dirty cutlery. In addition, take the shots from one side or from above to decide on which angle is best.


Use Social Media

Get your images out there and don’t let them be confined to your blog alone. This can be done via social media sites like Pinterest or Instagram. Add some likes to the food photos to get attention and make them look popular.


Use A Proper Camera

While many of the latest Smartphone’s have become more than capable of taking professional shots, many still don’t feature the lenses and functions that you are able to achieve using a DSLR. If you have become serious about Instagramming, changing your lenses is very helpful in achieving focus through narrowed depths of field.


Make Use Of The Widest Aperture

This tip is only applicable to people that use full cameras. Making use of this aperture allows for maximum light as well as allowing for the main focus to be at the foreground of the image.


Add Water Or Oil

Adding water or oil to food types such as vegetables or salads, adds in an attractive glisten which works extremely well with a camera.

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