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5 most successful careers in cooking

Even in today’s world, being a chef is often an overlooked career choice. Many people opt for different careers that steer away from culinary experiences and choose to indulge in well prepared food instead. But what makes careers in cooking attractive and how does someone climb the proverbial success ladder?

Is cooking a good career?

Like any other career path, cooking is a path of love and passion towards your work. More so than any other occupation, cooking relies on focus and taste (quite literally). Some of the most successful chefs of today are practically rock stars in their fields, offering guidance and mentorship to young trainees.

And while careers in cooking certainly offer quite a hefty sum of revenue, they are also very responsible positions. Chefs are always to blame when something isn’t well made and are never thanked when something is done well.

They are the literal managers of their kitchens and the quality of the whole establishment relies solely on the capabilities of the chef. So why should young people consider cooking career opportunities and what are some of the most successful careers in business today

most successful careers in cooking

Heston Blumenthal

Cooking was always far more than just putting ingredients into a pot and hoping for the best. One of the best examples of this is Heston Blumenthal, an English chef that specializes in the scientific field of cooking and how it actually works behind the scenes.

His famous research into Multi-Sensory cooking allowed him to become a predominant figure in the culinary world. His most famous restaurant, The Fat Duck, is often found on the lists of the World’s Top 50 Restaurants, ensuring that his reputation is well deserved.

Charlie Trotter

You might have heard of Charlie Trotter, the founder of “The Masterchef”, one of the most popular culinary reality shows in the world. Interestingly enough, Trotter has never attended a single class on how to cook or become a chef – he is a political science major who just so happens to love cooking.

His personal stance on cooking is that it represents far more than just a means to create delicious food. For him, cooking is love above all else. He is most known for his 14 cookbooks that are published all over the world, ensuring that his legacy is intact.

Wolfgang Puck

This Austrian chef is one of a kind in the culinary world. While many guests and food experts would like to know exactly what their dishes are made of, that was never an option with Wolfgang Puck. His expertise lies in the mystery of cooking – he has never revealed what exactly is in a dish that he created. This leaves his guests second-guessing every bite they take, no matter how delicious it is.

Paul Bucose

As one of the most popular names in French careers in cooking, Paul Bucose has earned a reputation of an ambassador. His dishes revolve around “Nouvelle Cuisine”, a French culinary movement that practices pure French recipes, ingredients and cooking tools.

As such, he has become a prominent figure in the US, allowing the Americans to taste a piece of France every time a dish is served. Bucose is also well known for mentoring top chefs all over the world, allowing young trainees to come for help whenever they should need it.

Gordon James Ramsey

As the most popular chef in the world, Gordon Ramsey is a name we all know and love. He is a living proof that cooking career opportunities can come out of nowhere and shake your world to its foundations. Starting off as a football player and being injured on the field has led to Ramsey’s career shift into the culinary world and nothing was the same ever since. With 14 Michelin Stars and numerous TV hosting roles, Ramsey has proven that being a chef can pay off in a huge way.

While being a chef isn’t easy, it’s certainly something to consider if you like preparing food. These careers are just the taste of what the culinary world has to offer to willing students. Don’t give up just because it might seem hard – do your best to prove otherwise.




Veronica Wright, career coach and employment advisor from Resumes Centre, a pro with the stories of customers’ success in more than 80 countries of the world.

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